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Here at the Chequered Flag Workshop we come fully equip with the tools and the knowledge for all your motorcycle needs.  With enough tools, parts and knowledge to tune up an army of bikers, you'll be stumped to find anywhere half as loaded as we are.

We offer both the skills to service, repair or mod your bike and the knowledge to teach you how to do the work yourself. Check out our current line-up of tutorials and services we have to offer. If you can think of a cool course we can include in our line-up get in touch.

thumbnail of Intro to Bike Maintenance
Intro to Bike Maintenance
A great introductory course for riders of any experience, a demo bike can be used if you don't have your own. We'll take you on a tour of the workshop, teach you the basics of tool use and show you the most essential components of a motorbike. in addition we'll show you how to regularly check and take care of your bike.

thumbnail of Oil Change Workshop
Oil Change Workshop
Oil changing requirements can vary depending on the make of the bike, how its driven and the type of journeys its taken on. Oil performance can deteriorate over time, that's why its important you know when it needs changing and how to change it. We'll show you how to change the oil and the oil filter on a motorbike and provide you with the tools to make this routine maintenance easy.
£40 (plus parts)

thumbnail of Chain & Sprockets Workshop
Chain & Sprockets Workshop
Changing your sprockets can either be a great way to gain considerable power or more comfortable rpm for commuting. We'll show you how your drive chain and gearing works on your bike and how to inspect the chain and sprockets for wear as well as how to carry out adjustment to tune to your requirements.

thumbnail of Brakes Workshop
Brakes Workshop
Braking is a crucial component that must be inspected and maintained well. Keeping your brake pads and brake fluid in good condition is key. By allowing your pads to wear too low can result in expensive repair costs and can be easily avoided from simple checks. Our instructors will demonstrate how to inspect, remove and replace brakes so you can safely maintain them in future.

thumbnail of Minor Service Workshop
Minor Service Workshop
A great follow on from the 'Intro to Bike Maintenance' course, this workshop will take you through performing the Minor Service on your motorbike: oil and filter change, fluids check, air filter change, spark plug change, chain; adjust, clean & lube.

thumbnail of Rent A Bench
Rent A Bench
Carry out the work you need without investing in expensive tools. We also have the expertise to hand should you need assistance.
£20/hr - £75 Half Day (4/hrs) - £140 Full Day (8/hrs)

thumbnail of Bike Servicing
Bike Servicing
Our experienced mechanics will give your bike a thorough service including oil change, filter change, fluids check, air filter change, spark plug change, chain; adjust, full nut & bolt check, clean & lube.
From £99

thumbnail of Bike Repair
Bike Repair
With over 30 years experience in bike engineering your bike stands the greatest chance in the hands of our professionals. Contact us if you require help diagnosing an issue or bring it in for inspection.

thumbnail of Bike Modifications
Bike Modifications
For any kind of tune-ups contact us through the website or swing on by for a chat. Our engineers can run through what you need to achieve your goals and offer bespoke tutorials on how to get there or offer free quotations to do the work for you.